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Journey into the YOUniverse
Wellness Workshop


  • Morning rituals and grounding practice
  • Learn to cleanse and bless your home
  • Exercises to discover your life purpose
  • Cord Cutting and releasing attachments
  • Techniques to cultivate inner peace
  • Sphere of light meditation

Upcoming Dates : 

Dieppe, September 30 (10am -4pm)
Dieppe, October 28 (10am -4pm)
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Sacred Spaces

Learn the ancient art of clearing and blessing your home.
Revitalize the energy in your home office and body. Energy levels in the places we live can have a positive or negative effect on our physical, emotional and mental wellbeing. Space clearing moves stagnant energies, restoring a vital and harmonious environment.

  • Learn about traditional herbs; sage, sweetgrass and cedar rituals using herbs to clear your space.
  • Incense
  • Sacred rituals and tools
  • Stones and sound
  • Includes a sacred space kit to take home

Upcoming Dates : 

Dieppe, October 03 (6pm – 8pm) 
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Lotus Light Therapy Certification

Lotus Light Therapy is a new and innovative hands-on technique that works with the energetic
matrix, energy of the Chakras, the 5 universal elements and Lotus wisdom.


The two day workshop will start with the introduction to Lotus Light Therapy. We will then move in deeper by studying the hand positions and the benefits of the therapy. We will also learn sacred cleansing rituals and study different methods to properly clear and prepare our healing spaces. Teachings of the 5 elements will also be included and how they connect with the Lotus Light technique. This level will also include experiential learning.


In the second workshop we will go more in depth with the technique by learning the chakra system and integrating crystals, plant wisdom and aromas. Day two includes extraction and intrusions training and intensive experiential training.


In this final and third level we will learn and connect with your personal animal spirit guide, and examine the shamanic technique of egg cleansing. We will review code of ethics and learn how to build your healing practice. Advanced Lotus Light Therapy techniques will be reviewed and the last workshop will end with the final exam and certification.

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Client Testimonials

“When I arrived to my 1st appointment I could see that she was very professional and knowledgeable, she spoke with a soft voice and with words that was easy to understand. She has helped me go thru some tough times and I would trust her with my life. She has also helped and encouraged me to pursue energy healing work and am very appreciative of this guidance.If you are looking for a very gifted healer who is down to earth and who will never judge you, I highly recommend Nadine Dupuis.”

- Louise.G Bouctouche

“Nadine Dupuis delivers amazing session that brings in a deep peaceful relaxation state, letting your mind go. These sessions really helped me with my personal growth, my self-confidence, and showed me a new way of seeing life. With all her knowledge and experiences, she always delivers outstanding sessions and is always there to help you and guide you on your journey.”

- Sebastien.L Moncton

“Nadine's treatments are absolutely profound and powerful! Every session provides the answers and healing that I need. She's extremely connected and tuned in to client's needs carefully without getting in the way. I always leave with the clarity to move forward in life as she addresses my questions without me needing to ask them.”

- A.G, Moncton

“La Trame avec Nadine Dupuis est l'endroit où que je vais me confier, me libérer de toute choses négatives, travailler sur mes défis personnels, gérer les choses d'une meilleure façon, voir la vie plus simple et positive, réaliser des choses importantes et mettre mon énergie sur ce qui compte.”

- Charleen.L Dieppe