Intuitive Readings

Intuitive Readings

Do you feel feel that you are at a crossroad in your life or seeking guidance to specific issues in your life?  If the answer is yes, then an intuitive reading may be what you are looking for.

An intuitive reading can include clairvoyance, empathic and mediumship skills to answer specific questions you may have to help you along your journey or through transitions and shifts in your life. During this session, information and messages can come from your higher self, spirit guides and/or loved ones who have passed over and through the help of oracle cards.

Private Spiritual Consultations

Spiritual consultations are intended for those seeking knowledge on how to progress on their spiritual paths. These sessions can include learning tools and skills that can help you with;

  • Grounding
  • Protection Methods
  • Space Clearing Techniques
  • Life Coaching
  • Sacred Plants Incenses and Rituals
  • Crystals
  • These sessions will be customized for you specific needs

“La Trame avec Nadine Dupuis est l'endroit où que je vais me confier, me libérer de toute choses négatives, travailler sur mes défis personnels, gérer les choses d'une meilleure façon, voir la vie plus simple et positive, réaliser des choses importantes et mettre mon énergie sur ce qui compte.”

- Charleen.L Dieppe

“Nadine Dupuis delivers amazing session that brings in a deep peaceful relaxation state, letting your mind go. These sessions really helped me with my personal growth, my self-confidence, and showed me a new way of seeing life. With all her knowledge and experiences, she always delivers outstanding sessions and is always there to help you and guide you on your journey.”

- Sebastien.L Moncton

“When I arrived to my 1st appointment I could see that she was very professional and knowledgeable, she spoke with a soft voice and with words that was easy to understand. She has helped me go thru some tough times and I would trust her with my life. She has also helped and encouraged me to pursue energy healing work and am very appreciative of this guidance.If you are looking for a very gifted healer who is down to earth and who will never judge you, I highly recommend Nadine Dupuis.”

- Louise.G Bouctouche

“Nadine's treatments are absolutely profound and powerful! Every session provides the answers and healing that I need. She's extremely connected and tuned in to client's needs carefully without getting in the way. I always leave with the clarity to move forward in life as she addresses my questions without me needing to ask them.”

- A.G, Moncton

Lotus Holistic Therapy

Nadine Dupuis
Dieppe, New Brunswick
Tel. : (506) 961-1222

Open Monday to Friday including some evenings and weekends. By appointment only. Some services may be covered by some insurance plans. Please contact me for detailed directions to the clinic.